Three reasons you should use ceramic paint in your home

Ceramic paint is very different from traditional house paint, and is provided by Rhino Shield – Annapolis Junction painting company. During the past few years, the demand for ceramic paint has increased significantly as a result of the benefits that are offered by it. The ingredients of ceramic paint have played a major role in its popularity. In other words, the traditional paint contains 60% of water while ceramic paint contains only 21% of water. You can also find 46% elastomeric resin. In other words, 80% of ceramic paint contains solids. This has delivered unique properties to ceramic paint and has impressed people who live in every corner of the world.

What are the reasons that tempt people to apply ceramic paint in their homes instead of traditional paint? Here are the top three reasons out of them.

  1. Ceramic paint has the potential to save a lot of money to you in the long run. This fact has been proven by statistical studies as well. If you have traditional paint applied on the walls of your home, you will have to repaint it on a regular basis. In other words, you will have to spend money on paint every 3 to 5 years. Ceramic paint has the potential to break this painting cycle. Since it has replaced the traditional paint fillers like chalk, you will be able to maintain the look of your home at least 8 to 10 years without repainting. You can save thousands of dollars in the long run by using ceramic paint instead of traditional paint. It can also enhance the resale value of your home as the ceramic paint companies offer an excellent transferable warranty. You can also think of applying ceramic paint on your commercial buildings.
  2. It has also been identified that ceramic paint is Eco-friendly than traditional paint. It will assist you to save the planet we live while saving money. Ceramic paint provides homeowners with the ultimate paintjob and has the ability to reduce the amount of transportation, energy and raw materials that are being used during frequent painting processes. In addition, the ceramic paint contains around 100 grams of Volatile Organic Compounds per liter. This has helped the ceramic paint to obtain the approval for solid waste landfill disposal. Moreover, ceramic paint reduces thermal conductivity, and it provides enhanced insulation to your home, which can help you to reduce energy bills.
  3. Ceramic paint can be defined as the most user-friendly paint type available out there for the homeowners. Plenty of color choices are there, and you can select the best one depending on your specific needs and requirements. Ceramic paint has also obtained smoke and Class A fire rating. Therefore, it has the ability to provide maximum protection to you from fire and reduce the damage. This flexible paint contracts and expands along with the change in outside temperature. Moreover, it is a breathable paint type and has the ability to keep water particles away and prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.

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