Wedding reception ideas

Weddings are wonderful. A wedding is a monumental celebration of love and a beautiful display of romance. Often when people think about weddings. However, they do not think as much about the actual ceremony, but rather the reception afterwards. While the wedding is the most important part to the bride and the groom, it is a rather small part of the entire celebration. The wedding takes a lot less planning than the reception and is not quite as “fun” as the front desk. The reception is the gathering after the ceremony during which all of the newly married couple’s family and friends get to celebrate the love and romance with the newlyweds. The reception is typically much longer than the actual ceremony, and therefore, require a lot more planning. Below is a list of some excellent wedding reception ideas to help you determine what kind of reception you would like to have. Every bride and groom are distinctive, every wedding is different, and ever reception is different, but that does not mean that you can not borrow some ideas from other people’s events!


1. Consider having a cocktail hour before the reception. This is something that a lot of newlyweds will do to give their guests something to do while the wedding party and the family are all taking pictures. All you would need to do for a cocktail hour is have a bar and some light snacks for guests to enjoy.
2. Consider having lived music rather than a DJ. Live music may give your wedding a more laid back feeling, but it does not always have to. Live music can put a lot more people in the mood to dance. In addition to live music, you could also have an iPod with a wedding playlist. This provides you with a great mix of in the moment music and your favorite tunes.

3. Consider having the reception outside so that you can invite more people. You could always have a small ceremony inside to make sure you hair remains intact, and all of the most important people are there. You likely won’t be having a wedding ceremony like Paris Hilton, but you do want to have your closest family and friends, and the outdoor wedding venue would be an option. After the ceremony, you can invite more people to attend the reception and celebrate with you outside.
4. Consider having activities for guests besides drinking and eating. Recently, lawn games have become very popular at weddings. Lawn games keep children and adults occupied during the marriage festivities. They provide guests with something to do besides talk.

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